Death (Is Killing Me)" or burning in the dark heat of love on "Hypnotize Me," the music of Born Crooked cannot be denied.

Much of this intensity stems from their love for their brother Christian, who passed away in 2013 after a lifelong battle with scoliosis, epilepsy and other painful physical disabilities. “When we’re in the green room or on the side of the stage, getting ready to walk on, we always think of him,” Hunter says. “What we do is as much for him as it is for us.”

Add to this their sibling synchronicity, their ability to feed on and amplify each other’s intensity. They’ve felt this connection even as they began playing together as kids in Charlottesville, Virginia. “ARE brings something out of me that no other musician I’ve ever played with has,” he insists. “Something totally different comes out of me -- and it’s the same with her.”

Their individual gifts as songwriters, instrumentalists and performers complete the picture. ARE’s slamming attack and no-nonsense drive provide the perfect foundation for Hunter, whose artistry earned him honors as the 2008 National Slide Guitar Championship, two stints on the International Blues Challenge Showcase and recognition as a Blues Foundation Generation Blues scholar.

Other players do sit in with them on occasion, both in the studio and on stage. But from the moment they played their first local gigs through appearances abroad and looking ahead to their June 2015 European tour, Born Crooked is about their bond with each other and, always, with Christian.

They continue to honor him through charity performances at rehabilitation centers, hospitals and, Hunter notes, “anyplace where people can’t get out and hear music. We take it to them because we saw the healing effect that music had on Christian. We want to connect with everyone we can.”

 And that includes their ever-widening fan base. “It’s very important for us to give audiences something positive that they’ll remember forever, something that they can look back and say, ‘That was a great night.’”

Countless great nights await all who experience Born Crooked. Their day begins now.


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Sometimes it takes just two to rock the world.

Need proof? Listen to Born Crooked -- and crank it up.

What you'll hear is the urgent, searing vocals and slashing slide guitar of Hunter Wolfe and the thundering drums of his sister, ARE. That's it, but that's plenty.

Their sound is rooted in Delta blues and infused with a passion that's impossible to ignore. Whether dredging from deep wells of loneliness on "Your 

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